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Meet the Team

behind Malvern Theatre Company Inc.

2023/24 Committee

President: Andrew Ferguson

Vice-President: Simon Cooper

Secretary: Jenine Caruso

Treasurer: Max Murray

Ordinary Members:

David Allen (Set Building Coordinator)

Linda Corrin (Co-Coordinator, History Project)

Annie Grant (Artistic Director until end-2023)

Monica Greenwood (Programs & VDL Liaison)

Nicholas Opolski (Artistic Director from 2024)

together with

Wardrobe Manager: Dina Mac Namara

Office Manager: Margaret Baxter

Technical Director: Michael Birkett

Madragro Editor & Poster Design: Bruce Parr

Front-of-House Manager: Judith Clues

Ticket Secretary: Kerry Carr

Ticket Box Office: David Gordon

Program Design: Janine Evans

Get involved in Malvern Theatre Company by joining as a Member! You’ll enjoy lots of benefits, including:

  • Madragro – our members-only newsletter, with the latest about the Company, auditions, and productions
  • The right to vote at our Annual General Meetings and nominate to the Committee
  • Special offers from time to time, such as complimentary tickets to preview performances.

Madragro Newsletter, Special Offers and Complimentary Tickets

In line with requirements of Consumer Affairs Victoria, the Committee looks after the Association’s affairs and has legal duties under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. Committee members are appointed according to our Association’s rules. General duties include:

  • maintaining the Association’s financial viability
  • ensuring the Association’s purposes are being achieved
  • keeping up to date with legal requirements
  • signing contracts on the Association’s behalf.

Specifically, Committee members’ functions under the Act include:

  • ensuring an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held within five months after the end of the Association’s financial year (30 November)
  • submitting a financial statement that covers the full financial year, which gives a ‘true and fair’ view of the Association’s financial affairs, to members at the AGM
  • overseeing the Association’s financial affairs. This includes making sure the Association does not continue to operate if it is insolvent.