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Audition details for our fourth production for 2021


by Annie Baker

 Directed by Helen Ellis


Audition Dates:
Sunday 6th June, 7 to 10:00 pm and Monday 7th June 2021, 7 to 10:00 pm

Malvern Theatre Company, 29 Burke Rd, East Malvern


Auditions are strictly by appointment

 Successful cast members MUST have read the script and be available for rehearsal period (29th June to 26th August) as well as all production dates. Please check you are available for all performance dates before booking your audition time. Please also inform the Director at your audition, if there is a possibility of you taking on professional acting work that may conflict with rehearsal and performance dates.

 A copy of the script will be provided, together with a list of the sections to be read at audition. It is expected that auditionees will have read the play and have a reasonable understanding of it.

 Please provide a resume and headshot prior to the audition via email.


Audition Enquiries contact the director Helen Ellis by email at:


Helen returns to Malvern Theatre after her successful direction of 'Last Gas' two years ago. The play she has chosen this time is THE FLICK by Annie Baker, a drama set in a run-down movie theatre in Worcester, Massachusetts. The play follows three underpaid employees, Avery, Sam and Rose. Avery has an encyclopaedic obsession with film and Sam has an unrequited obsession with Rose. As one late night blurs into another, and this trio of painfully ordinary people bond over movie trivia, low-level embezzling and shared ennui, the play evolves into a deeply moving, sometimes funny and delicate examination of the millions of tiny dramas that make up everyday life. Together they do the humdrum and tedious labour necessary to keep one of the last remaining film projector cinemas running. They bicker, laugh, dream and clean their way through shifts in the empty aisles, banter about their favourite films, astrology, the splitting of ‘dinner money’ and ultimately share a history, but will they have a future? The Flick, winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Drama was the talk of New York and London. This tender drama, both funny and heartbreaking, will awaken you to another Melbourne Spring!


Character Listing:

 Sam – Male, mid 30s – Longest serving member of staff. A bit of a sad case, life has been tough. Sees himself as in charge, a crush on Rose.

Rose – Female, early to mid 20s – The projectionist. Laid back, opinionated, but has her own self doubts. Too cool for Sam.

Avery – Male, early to mid 20s – A film tragic – a film savant. Awkward, over-thinker (written as African-American).

Skylar/Dreaming Man – any age – preferably 30s. Two small roles – need versatility.


(13 performances including three matinees)

 27th August, 8 pm
28th August, 2 pm and 8 pm

1st to 4th September, 8 pm
5th September, 2 pm
8th to 10th September, 8 pm
11th September, 2 pm and 8 pm