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Our next Auditions will be for our second Production for 2019


by Craig Warner

Directed by Horrie Leek

Charles Bruno and Guy Haines, complete strangers, meet in the dining car of a train. Because they're strangers, Bruno remarks that "they can say anything they like" to one another. So much so that he proposes the perfect murder. He will kill Guy's unfaithful wife, and in return, Guy will kill Bruno's much hated father. When they part, Guy never imagines that he will ever see Bruno again or that Bruno was serious. But, he was. Deadly serious.

Sunday 25th November at 1.00 pm and Monday 26th November at 7.30 pm

Malvern Theatre, 29 Burke Road, East Malvern


Auditions are by appointment only with the director. 
Email or 0412 474 255



Charles Bruno: Demanding role. Bordering on the psychotic. Wealthy and spoiled. Many mood swings. A dangerous and unpredictable character.

Guy Haines: Demanding role. A nice, average man who gradually disintegrates into an emotional wreck.

Elsie Bruno: Charles' mother. A faded Texan beauty. Devoted to her son. Not quite of the real world

Anne Faulkner: Engaged to Guy. Strong and practical. A demanding role

Frank Myers: Architect and friend of Guy. Sensible and down to earth.

Robert Treacher: Friend of Guy from college. Similar age. Small but important role.

Arthur Gerard: A private detective. Large role. A bit crumpled. Determined and self confident.

All roles require American accents. The ages will be determined at the auditions. Guy, Bruno, Anne and Robert should appear to be of similar age. Frank and Arthur might be older.


 Season: 26th April to 11th May 2019  (13 performances including three matinees).