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'Ladies’ Day’ by Amanda Whittington
directed by Pip Le Blond

Performance Dates: 17 February to 4 March 2023 

Audition Dates: Sunday 17 July 7:30pm & Monday 18 July 7.30pm
at our theatre, 29 Burke Road, Malvern East



Pearl: Female, mid-50s, a fish packer; Pearl is kind and generous, slightly better off than the others. She is married with four children and one grandson.

Jan: Female, mid-40s, a fish packer; Jan is a single mum who is slightly dowdy and who saves every penny she earns for her daughter who is about to go to university.

Shelley: Female, mid-20s, a fish packer; Shelley is single, brash and she drinks too much. Dressing in a cheap and tarty fashion Shelley is a wannabe, a good time girl and on the lookout for a millionaire.

Linda: Female, mid-20s, a fish packer; also single Linda was brought up by her Nan and is a huge Tony Christie fan. She is quiet, thoughtful and dresses conservatively – not at all showy – the opposite to Shelley.

Joe: Male, 40-60 years, supervisor

Fred: Male, any age, ticket tout

Jim McCormack: Male, 30-40s, TV pundit

Patrick: Male, 30s, Irish jockey

Kevin: Male, no specified age, gambler

Barry: Male, around 50-60 years, bookie


All characters require a Northern UK accent. A little singing ability is required for the female roles. Although there are six male characters it is possible for actors to double up.

No characters are precast.

Full details can be found on the VDL website



'The Lady in the Van' by Alan Bennett
directed by Nicholas Opolski
Performance dates: 28 October to 12 November 2022
Audition Dates: Sunday 14 August 7:30pm & Monday 15 August 7.30pm
at our theatre, 29 Burke Road, Malvern East
Alan Bennett (2 actors required): lead roles, male, aged 30-40 years old, Yorkshire accent, as follows
  • the public persona: the character that interacts in the real world
  • the inner persona: the narrator to the audience
Mam: Alan’s mother, female, 60+ years old, Yorkshire accent, will double as the Doctor
Rufus: Alan’s neighbour, male, aged 35-60 years old, married to Pauline
Pauline: married to Rufus, female, 35-60 years old
Social Worker: female, aged 30-40 years old
Leo Fairchild: Miss Shepherd’s brother, male, 60+ years old
All actors will need a convincing English accent, with some regionalised accents (as indicated). Some characters only have a scene or two, but will also appear as various nameless characters throughout.
Miss Shepherd is precast.
Full details can be found on the VDL website