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The Malvern Theatre Company's current and future productions.

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Following guidelines included in the State of Emergency declared by the Victorian government with regards to the current COVID-19 crisis, Malvern Theatre Company has decided, regretfully, to cancel our productions of ‘Whose Life is it Anyway?’ and ‘Nobody’s Perfect’, as well as the rehearsed play-reading of ‘The Cocktail Hour’. Our primary concern has to be the health of our patrons, actors, and all others associated with the shows.
Social distancing rules, in particular, mean that we cannot continue rehearsing, and guarantee the safety of those working in the theatre.  Stonnington Council has also closed the venue.
At this stage we are not making decisions about the rest of the planned performances for 2020, but will keep you informed.

If you already have a ticket for any of the performances listed above, it may be refunded.  Please ring our Ticket Secretary, Kerry, on 1300 131 552.  She will get back to you ASAP, but please be patient, especially when dealing with group bookings.

We would also greatly appreciate your consideration of the option not to request a refund, and thereby effectively ‘donate’ the cost of your ticket(s) to the Company. Our only source of income is ticket sales, and you will appreciate that the cancellation of shows will put the Company under some financial pressure. We want still to be in a position to offer our usual high standard of productions, once this unprecedented crisis is over, and your generosity will assist us to do so.

Andrew Ferguson (Vice-President)


by Annie Baker

Directed by Helen Ellis

A comedy set in a run-down movie theatre in Worcester, Massachusetts. The play follows the three underpaid employees, Avery, Sam and Rose. Avery has an encyclopaedic obsession with film, and Sam has an unrequited obsession with Rose. Together, they do the humdrum and tedious labour necessary for keeping one of the last remaining film-projector cinemas running, including mopping the floors. Rose is also the projectionist. They bicker, laugh and dream their way through shifts in the empty aisles. The repetitive sweeping and mopping is dull mind-numbing work, yet it provides a space for them to banter about their favourite films, astrology and the splitting of ‘dinner money’ stolen from receipts.

28th August to 12th September 2020
Wednesday to Saturday at 8.15 pm
Matinees: Saturday and Sunday at 2.00 pm
Ticket Bookings 1300 131552 or online
click here
Single $22.00.    Groups (10 or more) $20.00 per person.    Gala Night (second Saturday) $8.00 extra per person.



by Michael Frayn

Directed by Gaetano Santo

A play within a play. An ambitious director and his troupe of mediocre actors and the backstage ‘drama’ that develops during final rehearsals and tour. The cast and crew are putting together a silly sex comedy called Nothing On – a single-set farce in which lovers frolic, doors slam, clothes are tossed away and embarrassing hi-jinks ensue. In the end, at the disastrous final performance, as the characters make their exits from Nothing On they find themselves making entrances into the even worse nightmare going on backstage. The two plots can be kept separate no longer, and merge into a single collective nervous breakdown.

30th October to 14th November 2020
Wednesday to Saturday at 8.15 pm
Matinees: Saturday and Sunday at 2.00 pm

Ticket Bookings 1300 131552 or online click here

Single $22.00.    Groups (10 or more) $20.00 per person.    Gala Night (second Saturday) $8.00 extra per person.



Rehearsed Play-Readings

Malvern Theatre is very excited to announce our Rehearsed Play-Readings for 2020.  Details are below – just $10 each for tickets.

Following last year's successful rehearsed play-readings, Malvern is very pleased that Horrie Leek has again agreed to direct for this year's performances.  Horrie is well known to our audiences, having most recently designed and directed 'Strangers on a Train' last year.  He has already gathered some very fine actors to entertain you in this year's plays – details will be announced on our Facebook page.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Play-Readings are intended to introduce our regular patrons, and members of the wider theatre community, to plays with which they may not be familiar.  Our actors also have the opportunity to display their talents! Performances don’t include a set or costumes, and have only minimal movement on stage by the actors, but at Malvern the readings will have been rehearsed, and actors will read fully in character.  There will also be a general introduction to the play. 
Play readings start at our usual time of 8:15 pm.


by Alfred Uhry 
14th September 2020 at 8:15 pm

By arrangement with Hal Leonard Pty. Ltd.

'The Last Night of Ballyhoo' is by the Pulitzer Prize Winning author of 'Driving Miss Daisy' and like that play, is set in Atlanta, Georgia. The time is 1939 and it is the World Premiere of 'Gone with the Wind', one of the greatest 'flicks' ever produced. We meet cousins, Lala and Sunny as they prepare for the movie premiere and also, for the last night of Ballyhoo, a big social event in that city.