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 SEASON 2019



MR. BENNET'S BRIDE    by Emma Wood       Directed by Susan Rundle

Featuring: Linda Morgan, Christine Andrew, Peter Hatherley, Cate Dowling Trask, Summer Bowen, James Littlewood, Reg Ellery, Alison Campbell Rate, Zandalee Clarke and Simon Cooper

Season ran for 13 performances from 15th February to 2nd March 2019

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN   by Craig Warner     Directed by Horrie Leek

Featuring: Liam Gillespie, Paris Romanis, Reschelle O'Connor, Pam Christie Birkett, Andrew Ferguson, Frank Schrever and Michael Fenemore

 Season ran for 13 performances from 26th April to 11th May 2019

 THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP    by Charles Ludlam
Directed by Andrew McMillan

 Featuring: Nicholas Opolski and Liam O'Kane

 Season ran for 13 performances from 21st June to 6th July 2019



by Carolyn Burns and Tim Finn
Directed by Alan Burrows

 Featuring: Jessica McCallum, Angela Glennie, Stephen Oakes, Elizabeth Garnsworthy, Phil Lambert, Lachie Alexander, Caitlin Lamont, Jacqui Moore, Ian Frost, Kim Edwards, Gabrielle O'Brien, Katie-Jane Amey, Garry Barcham, Ron Smith and Christopher Fahlbusch

 Season ran for 13 performances from 30th August to 14th September 2019